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The Function Keys At The Top Of The Computer Keyboard


F1 = Can be used in almost all programs when help is needed. Pressing the F1 key will bring up the help screen of the currently active program.

F2 = Can be used to rename a selected file or folder. Another option is to press F2 while Windows is loading. This will not work on all computers.

F3 = Used to display the search box for a currently open program. Pressing F4 = Alter Key and F4 Key together can close any currently open program or Windows Explorer Box.

F5 = Can be used to refresh the Windows Desktop. It can also be used to reload a page opened in an Internet browser. In Microsoft Office Word, the Find and Replace dialog box appears and Go To is active.

F6 = Pressing F6 while the Internet browser is open will activate it in the address bar. In Adobe PageMaker, it is used to change the Bold Type.

F7 = Used in Microsoft Office Word to check spelling and grammar.

F8 = Press and hold F8 while Windows is loading to enter Safe Mode.

F9 = Used to refresh a document in Microsoft Office Word. In Microsoft Office Outlook, Send and receive the email will be sent.

F10 = Used to activate the menu of an open program. The other is to hold down the Shift key and F10, the same as right-clicking the mouse.

F11 = Switch to Full-Screen Mode. Press any of F11 to see Full Screen.

F12 = Save as dialog box in Microsoft Office Word. Used to change the file name, file type, file location.

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