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As a networker, you need to know the details of network media. We have many intermediate network media to connect to the network. We all know that the latest technology (FTTH) Fiber To The Home is very popular in our country. So let's start with fiber...

What is VLAN?

February 20, 2022
Definition of VLAN VLAN is a layer 2 switching technology that separates layer 2 broadcast domains. Each host connected to the layer 2 switch creates a broadcast frame. In other words, an Arp request from one computer to another creates a layer 2 broadcast frame. It...
For those who are interested in programming but do not know where to start, wikiHow translates the article as appropriate. Decide your goal I just titled it, Programmer. There are many lines to choose from. 1.  Web or not? 2. Software? 3. Desktop Application? 4. There...
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